Piłsudski Bronisław: Exile, Ethnographer, and Hero


“Piłsudski Bronisław: Exile, Ethnographer, and Hero is a film about the life of an exile who was able to transform his tragic sentence into a unique achievement for the humanities. Despite the fact that he lived in such an inhumane colonial system and experienced severe human poverty on Sakhalin, he defended the poorest and weakest with the strength of his spirit”, says the film’s director, Waldemar Czechowski. Filmed in Japan, Poland, and Lithuania, the film abounds with unique archival footage and offers a unique opportunity to listen to archaic sounds recorded on wax Edison cylinders.

Waldemar Czechowski, Piłsudski Bronisław: Exile, Ethnographer, and Hero, Studio Gołąb, TVP, National Audiovisual Institute, 2016, 50 min.

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