Ludwika, Teodora and Piotr


Ludwika was also born in Vilnius, in 1879. To her siblings, she was “maybe the best of all children, but spoiled by Mania and Janek, and awfully stubborn.” When Bronisław and Józef were arrested, she was ten years old. She corresponded with Bronisław and even intended to visit him in Sakhalin. When she met with Bronisław again after 15 years in Kraków, he did not recognize her, “… she even fooled me, because she appeared as if she was a student, sent from a friend of mine in Switzerland, and I talked to her for 10 minutes, believing that what she told me was true.” She married Leon Majewski and they had two daughters, Halina Jadwiga and Sophia. She died at the age of 46 in Vilnius, and was buried at the Rossa Cemetery.

Photo from the collection of the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek

The Piłsudskis’ youngest children, twins Piotr (called Piotruś) and Teodora (called Teonia), were born in 1883. This is what Bronisław wrote about them, “Piotruś and Teonia, like me very much, they look at me all the time and it seems that they are fond of my glasses the most.” They died of tuberculosis two days apart, having lived for a year and a half. They were buried in Suginty, from where their remains were transported to the St. Theresa Church in Vilnius and placed in the underground St. Joseph’s Chapel along with their mother’s body on 31 May 1935. Less than six months later, on the initiative of brothers Adam and Jan, the remains of the children were taken to the Rossa Cemetery and placed in the grave of their sister, Ludwika Majewska.

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