Riddles of the Olcha (Uilta) People


After his return from Japan, Piłsudski came into contact with the Olcha people (also known as Uilta or Manguns) for the first time. They were newcomers from Mariinsk on the Amur River who traded with the Ainu people. They called themselves Nani, and the Ainus referred to them as Shanta. Driven by his passion for exploring the world and fascinated by the Olcha people, Piłsudski wrote down some 2,000 Olcha words and noted down several riddles.
The imagination of the Olcha people is sometimes surprising, and their sense of humor has an admixture of absurdity.
Here is an example of a puzzle:
What it is? It gets in and out.
Answer: A needle

In the Olcha language, this riddle sounds very resonant:
Giltere – sombore?

Another puzzle:
What is it?
Four people wearing one cap?
Answer: A table!

Diu ni omo apubma tychi?

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